Pokemon Go’s Handing Out Candy And Bringing In Ghosts For Halloween

Pokemon Go always has something special for the holidays. But, if you’ve lost track of the game for a while, this event, in particular, might mark it as the time to come back. There’s not just new Pokemon to capture, but also, of course, a lot of candy.

For the Halloween season, between October 20th and November 2nd, Niantic is rolling out more Ghost-type Pokemon, like Sableye and Banette. You’ll also find more Ghost-types in general, with more Cubones, Houndours, and others roving about. There’s also a special Pikachu in a new costume for you to add to your collection, and, most relevantly if you want to finally get in on that raid in your neighborhood, candy rewards are doubled. So, the more you walk, hatch, and otherwise farm your Pokemon, the more food you can stuff them full of and level them up. Or sell to the professor for his mysterious ends.

If Halloween isn’t really your thing, the game will still be adding updates starting in December that add all the Pokemon from the Ruby and Sapphire games to the mix. And, of course, other holiday parties will be on the way. Just maybe don’t give your Snorlax any turkey; that guy’s got enough problems without tryptophan thrown into the mix.

(via Niantic)