‘Pokemon Go’ Is Allegedly Revealing Legendary Pokemon This Weekend

Pokemon Go has no shortage of monsters to stuff into your Pokeballs and sell to the professor in exchange for candy. But it does have a distinct lack of Legendaries — the most rare and powerful Pokemon. In part their absence was probably due to the fact that cheaters found a dozen Snorlaxes and packed the game’s gyms with them, making it hard enough to advance in that part of the game without legendaries in the mix. but now all that is fixed and Legendaries appear to be incoming.

Forbes poked into the code of the app’s latest update, which rolled out yesterday, and it contains multiple references to Legendaries. While it’s worth noting that any game that gets regular updates will contain mentions of features sometimes months before they roll out, Pokemon Go is also having its first big event this weekend in Chicago, and Niantic likely has something up its sleeve.

Legendaries will be an interesting twist on the game, which has had some balance problems in the past with players filling gyms with heavy hitters and making it hard for others to advance. Just how they’ll add the legendaries without knocking everything out of whack remains to be seen. Still, this summer has been an exciting one for Pokemon fans already, and it seems like the game’s just getting started.

(Via Forbes)