A Man Caught A Pidgey In ‘Pokémon Go’ As His Wife Gave Birth In Front Of Him

Okay, this Pokémon Go thing is officially getting out of hand. The new augmented reality mobile game, which lets you hunt pocket monsters in the real world, has only been out for a couple days, yet it’s already leading to all sorts of ridiculous scenarios. The game reads your phone’s map data and has Pokémon and important items pop up at real-life landmarks, leading to police stations and churches being overrun with fledgling Poké trainers. Hell, somebody even tripped over an actual dead body while hunting for their next catch.

Of course, people have also been having fun finding Pokémon in all sorts of inappropriate places, but that game has been definitively won by Jonathan Theriot, a Redditor who snapped a picture of the flying Pokémon Pidgey hanging out on the bed his wife was giving birth in. No really, this actually happened.

Shockingly, Jonathan’s wife Jessica didn’t immediately pummel him to death with a bedpan…

“She wasn’t mad at all. She just kind of laughed at it. It was primarily an eyeroll once she realized what I was doing.”

I suppose Jessica had more pressing things to focus on. Also, I’m not going to pretend there’s not a chance I’d do the same thing in a similar situation. Glass houses. In the end what matters is that Jonathan and Jessica brought their third daughter, Ireland Sage Theriot, into this world yesterday. Gotta birth ’em all.

(via BuzzFeed)