‘Pokémon Go’ Has New Pokemon Arriving Today

12.12.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

It was only a matter of time before Pokemon Go rolled out new Pokemon. There are, after all, 721 of the little monsters out there. But Niantic will be adding them a little at a time, it seems, at least if this video announcement is any indication.

The new ‘Mon will be coming from Pokemon Gold and Silver, and Togepi and Pichu are confirmed to be among the new guys hatching from eggs. Yep, you won’t find them in the wild just yet; instead you’ll need to walk to find them, because Pokemon Go is a cruel mistress. That said, you will be able to find a limited edition Pikachu with a Santa hat as you walk around freezing playing this game. Which is nice and all, but come on guys, we’re selling it for candy and we all know it.

This will likely be the first hint of more Pokemon to come. Now that the game has settled down into “just” being a game regularly played by millions of people instead of an outright phenomenon unexpected in the history of the franchise, they’ve got to keep those millions interested. New Pokemon would help. So would banning the guy in my neighborhood who scraped a bunch of Snorlaxes last summer and puts them at the top of every gym. Just saying, guys.

(via Niantic)

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