‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Reveals New Beasts And A Photography Feature For ‘Pokemon Snap’ Fans

The Pokemon series has, traditionally, preferred to play it safe. Most new entries in the core RPG series add a few minor tweaks, a handful of new catchable creatures and that’s about it. But it seems like the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon will be a bit more ambitious. Of course, the latest trailer for the game features a look at a few new creatures, including the chubby, extra-pissed-off “Aloha Form” of Raticate…

…but it’s the new features that are most intriguing. Among the additions is the Poke Finder, which lets players take pictures of Pokemon at certain designated spots in the game world, much like in the fan-favorite N64 game Pokemon Snap. Once you take a picture, you can then choose to have it rated by fellow players, with bigger rewards doled out for top-rated pics.

The trailer also reveals that Pokemon Sun and Moon will actually take place at different times – Sun during the day, and Moon 12 hours later during the night. This will obviously change how some aspects of the story play out. The game will also contain a class of creatures called “Ultra Beasts,” which, apparently, aren’t even considered Pokemon. Perhaps they’ll serve as special, extra-tough boss battles?

In addition to the English trailer, you can also check out a longer, more detailed Japanese trailer, below.

You can catch ’em all when Pokemon Sun and Moon launch November 18.