‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Show Off Exclusive Creatures That May Decide Which Version You Buy

It’s the question every Poke trainer must ask themselves when a new Pokemon RPG comes out – which version do I buy? They always come in two flavors, with each version offering various minor tweaks, and, most crucially, exclusive Pokemon. So, which is it going to be for you? Pokemon Sun or Moon?

Well, the latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon provides a look at a few exclusive Pokemon that might help you make your decision. Sun gets the fighting lemur Pokemon Passimian, while Moon gets the orangutan-like psychic Pokemon Oranguru. Also, the adorable puppy Pokemon Rockruff will evolve differently depending on which version you have – in Sun, he turns into a standard wolfy-looking dude, while in Moon, he becomes a straight-up werewolf. Those are the only exclusive Pokemon we know about as of now, but there’s sure to be plenty more.

In addition to the exclusive Pokemon, the new trailer shows off other new features, like the ability to dress up your avatar, bathe and groom your Pokemon, and unleash powerful new Z-movies. Seems like they’re throwing everything and the kitchen sink in this one.

Get ready to catch ’em all, all over again, when Pokemon Sun and Moon hits shelves on Nov. 18.