The Latest ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Trailer Unveils The Villains And More Twists On Classic Monsters

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest mainline RPGs in the more-popular-than-ever series, are fast approaching, and Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released yet another new trailer to keep hype levels appropriately jacked up. Of course, Pokemon Go is already doing a pretty good job of that, but hey, may as well guild the lily.

This trailer introduces fans to Team Skull, the new version of Team Rocket. These guys are definitely a bit cooler than dorky ol’ Jesse and James, and they sound like real bad seeds. They steal Pokemon, mess up important sites, and “delight in all kinds of evil deeds.” The dastards! Here’s the Team Skull leaders.

Of course, the trailer also includes new Pokemon, including several additional “Aloha Forms.” As previously reported, these Aloha Forms are quirky twists on the classic original 151 Pokemon. New ones just revealed include this sassy dark version of Meowth.

Also, a Raichu that surfs on his own tail. Now that’s some next-level adorable.

All-new Pokemon include this very sad fish…

…and can combine with others of its kind to form this badass whale dude.

Check out the trailer to scope out all the new additions. Pokemon Sun and Moon hits the 3DS November 18.

(via Polygon)