Pop Culture Themed 'Post-It War' Breaks Out In France

Entertainment Editor

Earlier this summer, employees at the video game development firm Ubisoft Montreuil in Paris started decorating their office windows with video game and pop culture images made from colored sticky notes. Employees at the large office of BNP bank across the street — taking a break from making up new, confusing derivative vehicles to create money to shuffle around a bit to generate income from fees and then high five each other — fired back at Ubisoft by filling their windows with Post-It note drawings as well. Then workers at other buildings in the area joined in. Several recognizable characters are here, including extensive Super Mario Brothers sprites, Spongebob Squarepants, Homer and Bart Simpson, Pikachu, the Pink Panther, Pac-Man, Pedobear, and even Marilyn Monroe and Nyan Cat.
Below the cut are several pictures from the Great Franco-Post-It War Of 2011. Who will surrender first?
[A few more pictures available at LaDefense and L’Express (via Obvious Winner).]

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