PS3 Cracked Again?

Hey, remember when George Hotz cracked the PS3, and Sony went about shutting him down in a heavy-handed way, and Anonymous threw a hissy fit because a large corporation being upset that some hacker was setting up their games to be pirated was Not OK, so they shut down the entire PlayStation Network?

Yeah, here we go again.

According to various game industry sources, a video is circulating showing a USB dongle that can play pirated software and give the user access to various debug functions. Apparently the crack originates in Indonesia and they’re going to mass produce the dongles and pirated software. Of course, as Eurogamer points out, it could all be a massive scam and they’re using a debug console to trick people into buying useless crap.

Still, this promises to be annoying, although maybe this time Sony will be a bit more…precise in its behavior.

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