You Can Now Play PS4 Games On Your PC

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07.07.17 2 Comments

One of the fundamental annoyances of gaming is the console wars, and while they’ve taken a cease-fire, PC players still don’t have access to PS4 games. That, however, is beginning to change, thanks to Sony’s streaming game platform PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now already lets you play PS games on your PC, but, until recently, it was limited to PS3 games and earlier. That’s officially changed this week, as Sony has added twenty PS4 games to the $100 a year service. They’re not exactly cutting edge games, but there are some nice PS4 exclusives like Killzone: Shadow Fall and God Of War III Remastered in the office. Multiplatform games like Saint’s Row IV are also included, and, of course, the games will work on your PS4, as well.

What PS4 games will we see in the future? Sony has a fairly deep library of exclusives to put up, but it seems, for now, to only be dipping its toe. Hopefully they’ll step it up a bit. Horizon: Zero Dawn, for example, is one of the best games of the year, and PC players deserve a crack at it. But even this is a nice acknowledgement that the strictly separated worlds of console and PC gaming are coming closer together.

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