Horses Are Randomly Catching On Fire In ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’


Red Dead Redemption 2 is facing an epidemic. One that could destroy the Red Dead universe if left unchecked. There is a random stretch of road that has apparently become the doorway to hell. Players from all over are reporting of a strange phenomenon at an intersection where, when approached, you will find horses that have spontaneously caught on fire.

There is nothing there to make them catch on fire. There is no, you know, fire. They just suddenly burst into flames.

All videos are at the same general intersection. It’s not always in the exact same spot, but one video did make it appear as if the bowels of hell were opening up to destroy the poor horse. It’s also incredibly creepy.

Players on Reddit have reported the same phenomenon happening to them further proving that this is happening everywhere. It always leads to the same reaction. General confusion and a whole lot of panic. Which is to be expected when something randomly catches on fire.

The question now is what is causing these horse fire related incidents? The actual answer is, of course, a bug in the game. Somehow this particular spot is being mistaken as something that can and will set horses on fire. It will likely be patched out at some point, but that’s boring. Let’s think of more fun reasons for why this could be happening.

Reasons horses are catching on fire in Red Dead 2

– Rockstar hates horses
– Rockstar got really excited about Halloween
– The world of Red Dead 2 is slowly being consumed by fire and brimstone and soon will have the entire world covered in these spots. No one is safe.
– It’s a metacommentary on climate change
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a cursed video game
– People used to believe in spontaneous combustion so Rockstar put it in the game

No really, it’s probably just a bug. We hope.