Reggie Fils-Aime Gives Jimmy Fallon And The World An Introduction To The Nintendo Switch

Reggie Fils-Aime is still one of those figures from the gaming world that brings a little excitement when he’s popping up. There’s some lame dad qualities there, but you don’t hear a lot of negative stuff aside from the Nintendo machines printed money. The Wii U might’ve been a misstep, but Reggie is on The Tonight Show on Wednesday to show off Nintendo’s next big step — or two big steps. One is the follow-up to Pokemon Go on mobile devices, Super Mario Run. The other is the Nitendo Switch. The latter really gets Jimmy Fallon excited — and likely most of the people watching.

Reggie and Fallon play a little bit of the latest Legend of Zelda game, showing the way that you can easily switch from playing the console in the home to playing it on the go. It seems to live up the name, at least until you end up dropping it in the toilet and ruining Christmas next year.

One of the big surprises from Wednesday’s show was the presence of Shigeru Miyamoto in the audience and in the band, playing guitar with The Roots. Just getting Miyamoto out of the house and on NBC for late night is crazy to me.

As Fallon points out at the top of the show, the guy is a genius who managed to create a slew of legendary games that we’re literally still playing in some form today. And if you didn’t get an Nintendo Classic, they’re coming back in stock.

Watch the performance below:

(Via The Tonight Show)