Renaming Video Games By What Your Wife Calls Them

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I’m not what you call “a gamer” but I do game here and there and have LOTS of experience in the “significant other trolling/butchering my geekery” department, so when Redditor Depthfirst titled his sub, “My wife likes to play console games but she never remembers the names,” I knew I was in for good times. He’s made four photoshops total (enlargeable image after the jump) and monogamous Redditors immediately shared in his plight. Here are a few of the best “my wife/girlfriend” comments from the thread:

My wife used to torture me by screaming “Mortal Koooooommmmmbaaaat” every time I sat down to play Street Fighter. Since I started actually playing the new Mortal Kombat I thought I had got the best of her. Now she yells “Hadooooken, Shurrrrken”

my 21 year old ex called red dead “the farmer game”

My girlfriend was under the impression that the game I play all the time (League of Legends) was called Legal Legends. She thought I played a very addicting online lawyer sim.

My girlfriend calls Minecraft, the “Hammer hitting game.”

My lady calls all the assassin’s creed games ‘runny jumpy climby man’.

i find this adorable. my wife calls the assasin’s creed games “assassino!” ( what the NPCs in the games shout when i kill someone publicly)

I like when my wife asks “are you going to play that game with the gun again? Pew pew pew!”

My girlfriend makes up great new names for video games just to drive me crazy. A few of my favorites – Mighty Man; Road Brawlers; Super Cario Sisters; Big, Little Land.

These comments would be mighty difficult to fake so I must say in this thread alone Reddit went way over the over/under I set for wives/girlfriends of Redditors. Good for them. Even if I always thought half the fun in the Redditor’s Wife meme was the irony.

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