This ‘Resident Evil 7′ Compilation Efficiently Captures The Series’ Return To Pure Horror

With the release of Resident Evil 7, Capcom has eschewed the stylized shooting gallery that has become the norm for their flagship franchise and returned to the survival horror roots of old. The claustrophobic hallways of RE7 drip with the history of horrors past, and their tales creep up your spine as you make your way through the latest unsettling house of terrors in the series. It’s like living the nightmare in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original with a mix of part 2).

For some, this tension and release are too much to bear. Especially if you’re wearing a VR headset and you have a dog that wants to jump in your lap at the worst times. Thankfully, this supercut will tear off the band-aid, and you can go about your day after being freaked out for about 45 minutes and 43 seconds straight.

Or you can be like me and this gamer, ironically extending the best/worst gaming experience of your life but pausing and regrouping your fragile psyche constantly.

It’s times like these where we can thank the heroes like RabidRetrospectGames who go through these freaky moments, taking the bullet for people who freak out easy like me. We must salute them, then change our soiled undies after watching their supercuts.