Rob Gronkowski Channels Bon Jovi In A ‘Madden 17’ Ad That Will Make Your Ears Cry

Before you play the above video, be warned: Rob Gronkowski is the worst singer on the planet. Is he a classically trained singer? Should there be an expectation that a man who catches footballs for a living has an angelic voice? Of course not. He’s having a fun time. That doesn’t change the fact that your ears will be put through torture that dictatorships would not condone in times of war.

That aside, hey, Gronk Jovi! I know the Gronk Sex Cruise thing is over, but I’d hang with him at Gronk Karaoke Camp. Gronkaraokamp. We’ll work on the name.

I haven’t played a video game in a long time, but I love the commercials. I love how different they are for the type of game. If it’s like a mission game where you’re at war, or saving a princess from a dragon, it’s the most dramatic ad of all time. There’s a voiceover, there’s John Woo slo-mo stuff. You’d swear Daniel Day-Lewis and Helen Mirren agreed to be in the game. For football, it’s just a dude in a wig screaming for 60 seconds. You barely even see what the game looks like in either ad.

Anyway, this has been Old Guy Writes About Video Game Ad.

(EA Sports on YouTube)