The Batmobile From ‘Batman V Superman’ Is Racing Its Way To ‘Rocket League’

Rocket League was one of the most heartening video game stories of the past year. The game avoided the artsy pretentiousness of a lot of indie games – it’s just a goofy game about cool toy cars that play soccer, and everybody loved it for that. Not that I have anything against artistic games, far from it, but indie developers who just want to make simple, fun, well-made games should be rewarded, too.

Well, Rocket League will be sticking to their simple-yet-fun ethos by adding the Batmobile from Batman v Superman to the game. It’s a move that’s obvious and totally brilliant at the same time. I’m hoping this crossover goes both ways, and Ben Affleck has to spend a few minutes bonking around a giant soccer ball in Batman v Superman. Hey, they’re packing everything else possible into the movie, so why not? You can check out the Batmobile wrecking shop on the soccer battlefield above.

This isn’t the first time a rad movie car made its way into Rocket League. Last year, we also got the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

The Batmobile will join Rocket League‘s roster of footie-playin’ cars on March 8. The vehicle will cost 2 bucks.

(Via Destructoid)