This Panoramic Rocket League Setup Will Make You Drool Then Throw Up

Few games are as pure as Rocket League. And by pure, I mean fully distilled video game greatness. Rocket League is the reason we have video games, and video games are the reason we have Rocket League. The immensely popular car soccer sim is the alpha and omega of fun in my household, and I own it on PC and PS4 not because I want to, but because I have to.

Fans of Psyonix’s 2015 hit know that gunning your car at a giant ball while cars explode into balls of fire and confetti is one of the finer feelings in life. It’s a white-knuckle joyride on the pitch. The best part is that the more you play, the more you legitimately get better. You can feel your skills evolving, so you want to play more, and more. Inching closer to the screen, you need to be inside the stadium. You need to feel the roar of the crowd barely drowning out the growling engines.

But that’s impossible… Unless you’re Reddit user Arvaci, who is running Rocket League at 45-60 FPS and at 8560×1440 with a behemoth of a rig (2x GTX 980 SLI).

This is the ultimate way to blast your way to a sweet hat trick in a fully customized van.

(Via Reddit)