Rockstar Games Is Suing To Stop The BBC Movie About ‘Grand Theft Auto’

When we last checked in with the BBC’s behind-the-scenes drama about Grand Theft Auto, they had found the perfect actor to portray Jack Thompson. I predicted that Thompson would try to sue the BBC. Turns out, Rockstar beat him to it.

According to IGN, Rockstar is taking the BBC to court to shut down the movie. The basis of the suit is that the BBC is infringing on Rockstar’s trademarks by using terms like “Grand Theft Auto,” but the real reason can be found if you read between the lines:

Our goal is to ensure that our trademarks are not misused in the BBC’s pursuit of an unofficial depiction of purported events related to Rockstar Games.

In other words, they’re worried they’re going to look bad. Jacked, the book the movie is based on, is a solid read, but Rockstar does not come off that well. That said, there’s probably not much Rockstar can actually do beyond having a legal hissy fit. The events in question happened publicly, something Thompson ensured, and everybody involved is a public figure.

Either the BBC will just not mention the game, or we’re about to see a very fun legal proceeding: The BBC has been filming this for a month now. Really, this can all be settled maturely and intelligently, though. Rockstar and the BBC just need to come together and see who can get more wanted stars in a set frame of time. Just nobody give Sam Houser the rocket launcher.

(via IGN)