Ronda Rousey Shared One Of Her Deeply Nerdy Habits Involving Vin Diesel

Look, I know nothing about World of Warcraft, so don’t expect any clever commentary about the above clip that features Ronda Rousey talking about it. Much like Conan O’Brien, I have no idea what she’s talking about. But apparently she played the game with Vin Diesel while shooting one of the 800 Fast/Furious movies and can’t get enough of it in general. Apparently it’s another of her nerd tendencies.

She seems to really enjoy the anonymity of playing online against strangers who don’t know it’s Ronda Rousey on the other end of the connection. This news will probably lead to nerds across the globe using algorithms and data tracking to figure out when she’s playing, thus ruining the experience for her.

It’s probably pretty obvious when her and Diesel are playing together though. Just look for two elves driving a super-fast car through the woods with some sort of bad guy chasing them.

(Late Night With Conan O’Brien)