Sam Raimi Is Making A ‘The Last Of Us’ Movie, And It Might Star Arya Stark

Well, here’s a bit of a Comic-Con bombshell! Sam Raimi apparently just made a surprise appearance at the Screen Gems panel, and announced that a movie based on the critically acclaimed videogame The Last of Us is in the works. Sadly, Raimi will only be producing, but there’s already some interesting talent attached.

First, the writer of the original game, Neil Druckman, will be writing the movie version of The Last of Us and is generally being given more creative control than any video game creator ever has over a movie adaptation. In addition to writing the film, Druckman will also have a say in the director and cast.

Speaking of that cast, guess who’s probably going to play Ellie, the young girl forced to survive in a brutal world with the help of a gruff protector? Well, given that description, who else but Arya Stark could play the part? Raimi and company have already talked to Maisie Williams, and according to Deadline Hollywood, she would have been with Raimi at the Screen Gems panel if a Game of Thrones photo shoot hadn’t waylaid her.

Oh, and yes, Raimi is also toying with the idea of giving Bruce Campbell a role in The Last of Us, because of course he is.

So, who’s exciting to see Maisie Williams put in harrowing situations in a somewhat different setting?

Via Deadline Hollywood