PewDiePie Teams Up With ‘The Walking Dead’ Creators For A New TV Show

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The PewDiePie empire continues to expand in Roman fashion; I’m sure by the year 2025, he will be declared Emperor of Earth with his only detractors being fuddy duddies over 50 who think his mouth noises are stupid. For now, though, his next step is going from videos with 2 million+ views on YouTube to a full-fledged show on YouTube Red, which is YouTube’s $9.99 attempt to get in on some of Netflix’s sweet monthly subscription biz. Via Twinfinite:

The YouTube Original, dubbed ‘Scare PewDiePie’, will be a half-reality, half-prank show filled with “thrills, chills and laughter.”

The creator and executive producers of The Walking Dead are teaming up with Maker Studios to create horrifying situations based on PewDiePie’s favorite games. Then they’re going to drop him right into these fright zones and record the chaos sure to follow.

So, instead of PewDiePie screaming at his monitor while playing games, he’ll be screaming at whatever crazy things a bunch of Hollywood imagineers throw at him. With the guys behind The Walking Dead on the job, you can rest assured they have the practical SFX and make-up game figured out. And love him or hate him, you can’t deny the young’uns love that thing PewDiePie does, even if they can’t really explain why.

It’s just one of 10 ‘YouTube Originals’ announced by YouTube to promote YouTube Red. That launches in the United States on October 28, although you’ll have to wait until sometime next year for the Originals to hit the service.

For you fans of The Walking Dead who are asking themselves “what the heck a PoopDaWoop is,” I’ll let this clip video from PewDiePie celebrating 10 billion views (!!!) speak for itself:

(via Twinfinite)