‘Sea Of Thieves’ Storms The Five Games You Need To Play This Week


Every week, it seems we see more games for more platforms than ever before. So, also every week, we pick out five games worth your time and attention. Starting, this week, with shenanigans on the high seas before, uh, even more shenanigans on the high seas? There are a lot of games involving boats this week.

Pick Of The Week: Sea Of Thieves, Today ($60, Xbox One and PC)

Rare jumps into the massively-multiplayer oceans with a game where you play as a bunch of mildly cartoony pirates as you do cartoony pirate things like steal treasure, sail ships to hijack rivals, and get scurvy. OK, you don’t get scurvy, but the main goal of this game is to get together with friends and do piratey things, and if you’ve been missing social interaction, then this has the added advantage of being able to vote the one guy who still thinks rickrolls are funny into the brig.

Ni No Kuni 2, Friday ($60, PS4 and PC)

If you’d rather be lord and master of an adorable village, then the return of Ni No Kuni, the playable Studio Ghibli movie, will be right up your alley instead. A substantial change from the first game, this has all the fun stuff you remember, plus a lot of town management jobs to ensure you’re the most adorable mayor in video game history. If, you know, somewhat corrupt, since you are the only one who can defeat the various monsters, so you’re sort of running a protection racket.

A Way Out, Friday ($60, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This clever co-op game has you and a friend team up to escape various institutions, from prisons to hospitals. Presented in splitscreen, the only way out is to work together, presumably while trading witty one-liners or at least quotes from the best buddy action movie, which is of course Tango & Cash.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered ($30, PS4 and Xbox One)

If you ever wondered why every Assassin was just fine with the actually pretty terrible things you do as a member of the Order, from sinking ships and murdering clueless goons to toppling entire societies, well, they aren’t! And this game, which got a bit lost in the midst of a flood of Assassin’s Creed games, has a pretty fun hook as you play a Templar with a boat terrorizing Canada.

Bad Dudes, Wednesday ($10, Switch)

Yes, find those pristine white jeans, those Air Jordans, that black tank and those fingerless gloves because it is time to prove, once again, that you are a bad enough dude to rescue Ronald Reagan, who will show you his gratitude for saving the leader of the free world by… taking you out for burgers. Way to cheap out, Gipper.

Any games we missed? Let us know in the comments!