Shaken, Not Stirred: Check Out This ‘GTA V’ Fan Tribute To James Bond

GTA V fan tribute videos to movie and television shows seem to be taking over YouTube these days. These short films take all the fun of the shoot-em-up world and put a familiar pop culture twist to them.

The latest video, from GTA V mod enthusiast Domestic Mango, takes on the world of James Bond. The short film has all the trademarks that we’ve come to know and love from the Bond series:

  • The gun barrel opening sequence
  • A stylish car loaded with gadgets (gun turrets!)
  • A dramatic car chase, complete with slow-motion crashes
  • The always recognizable “James Bond Theme” playing in the background
  • Ejection seat fun!

If you haven’t caught the other GTA V mod tributes, such as John Wick or Breaking Bad, they’re certainly worth taking a look at. Keep ’em coming, fans!

(Via: Reddit, YouTube)