‘The Simpsons,’ Unsurprisingly, Saw The ‘Fortnite’ Black Hole Event Coming

Nearly a full day after a black hole sucked up the entire Fortnite map, the game remains on pause. Fans kind of freaked out when the Season 10 special event took away the ability to play altogether, and the hours that passed since the initial rocket-induced meteor-created black hole have been filled with a black screen with a white ring at the center of it.

But as memes and viral reactions to the black hole and a lack of Fortnite started circling, one very strange similarity emerged between what’s happening on consoles and computers across the world and what once happened in an episode of The Simpsons. Did the cartoon predict what happened in Fortnite? See for yourself.

It certainly looks similar to what’s happening for a lot of people desperate to see something happening in the ring, other than the occasional creepy music playing as the circle appears to swirl. Here’s what, as of this writing Monday morning, about 20,000 people are watching via the game’s official stream.

Fortnite on Twitter

And here’s what The Simpsons episode has Homer and the kids looking at.


As was pointed out in an already-old South Park episode years ago, when a show runs as long as The Simpsons has you’re bound to cover a lot of things that accidentally “predict” future events, such as Donald Trump’s presidency. But it is funny to see that when something addictive is taken away, especially on a TV screen, the first instinct most people have is to squint really hard and hope to find signs that it’s coming back soon.