‘Skyrim VR’ Was Announced At E3 2017 To The Dismay Of Fans Who Already Bought The Game So Many Times

After Microsoft pulled out all the stops with their Xbox One X reveal, Bethesda disappointed a bit with their late Sunday night conference. We got a cool Wolfenstein trailer, but for the most part, nothing new was shown beyond Doom VR which looked, okay. It doubled down on the fact that Bethesda is focusing heavily on the VR sector with Fallout 4 leading the way. We were even getting Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch with Link’s Master Sword! Cool!

Then Sony’s conference showed off a plethora of games for the PSVR, and everything changed.

For the third time in six years, Skyrim was announced. From the initial PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 release, to the remaster on PS4 and Xbox One and PC, to the Nintendo Switch, and now, Playstation VR, Skyrim simply will not die. Ever. It could take a million arrows to the knee and keep on coming. Naturally, the announcement was met with a somewhat positive response, because it’s Skyrim, one of the best games ever, but just who is this game for?

If you’re a huge Skyrim fan, you already played the hell out of it over half a decade ago. Since you were such a huge Skyrim fan, you probably played the remaster. Now, are you supposed to play it a third time (at least)?

Twitter was not happy. Understandably, they just want a new Elder Scrolls game. But hey — if this leads to new innovations in VR, it’s a good thing. But how much is this gonna cost? Another $60?