‘Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Has A Stage Builder Now And The Results Are Amazing

04.20.19 3 months ago


Smash Bros. Ultimate is everyone’s favorite Switch fighting game that is full of obscure Nintendo lore. It’s also one of the games that has a ton of replay value as you unlock various characters and square off against your friends.

The latest update to the game, which was released in December, adds a DLC fighter — Joker from the Persona series. But perhaps more exciting is the level maker that’s now in the game. Similar to Nintendo’s Mario Maker game, this adds a huge world of exploration for fans dedicated enough to create some weird art in a video game.

Fans of the fighting series are used to the game having a stage builder, and they were certainly ready for this update. In the days since the update, there have been a ton of great designs and unique levels using the game’s tools. But there are also some great visual pieces, jokes, and other weird bits that have made the update a whole mess of fun.

For starters, you can pet a dog.

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