Nintendo Confirms The Super Nintendo Classic Is A Limited Edition, With Preorders Coming Soon

Forget the Switch, and Call of Duty, or Madden, the most anticipated moment in gaming this year is Nintendo’s shrunken down Super Nintendo, the SNES Classic. Despite preorder snafus, and not having all the games we wish it had, people are hyped. In the weeks to come, the excitement’s probably only going to get more intense, as preorders are opening soon, and Nintendo has confirmed it’ll be a limited edition.

Nintendo took to Facebook to clarify a few things, and apologize for the preorder problems:

What pops out there is that “calendar year” bit, which would seem to more or less confirm fan suspicions, or perhaps fan fears, that this will be a limited edition. In turn, that’ll likely mean yet another brutal rush by Nintendo fans as they try to snap up the console, even if Nintendo is claiming they’ll be shipping more systems to make up the gap.

This is likely going to be a massive holiday hit; the NES Classic was a popular gift, and the SNES Classic may have a smaller roster of games, but every last one is a classic (bar one curiosity fans will be desperate to play). Keep your eyes peeled later this month; when preorders open — it’ll likely be a mad rush to get one right up to December 31st.

(via Business Insider)