Walmart Is Canceling All Of Its Super Nintendo Classic Preorders In A Major Snafu

Nintendo is known for shorting the market of their wonderful hardware. It creates a demand that most gaming companies could only wish for. But on the other end of the spectrum, the difficulty in getting a Nintendo product has become sort of a joke, a cliché, and it’s at the point where there’s so much you can do and play that some people just move on. It’s sad.

Gamers young and old would love to have a mini SNES on their gaming mantle, but most won’t even bother trying to get one because it’s so damn hard to acquire. So you can only imagine how it feels to be one of the lucky few who was up in the early morning hours last weekend to snag a Walmart preorder, only to have it ripped from them in some sort of cruel joke. Yes, all Walmart SNES Classic editions have been canceled. Credit cards have not been charged, and apologies have been given after a glitch caused the preorder page to display early.

What’s confusing about this is the multiple confirmations given by Walmart. The preorders, which seemed totally legit at the time, were given an expected arrival date of somewhere between September 29th (the official release date) and October 6th. What changed here? What was the glitch?

All we know now is that the purge is real, and this just more free marketing for SNES Classic which will be near-impossible to get whenever preorders open in the States. It is 100 percent confirmed that preorders have opened (and have already sold out) in the United Kingdom, so when will the U.S. get its chance?


(Via The Verge)