Someone Found A New Way To Beat Level One In ‘Super Mario Brothers’

Big Play Films is the A/V venture from Perry Bible Fellowship creator Nicholas Gurewitch, sort of like experimental film mixed with the surreal absurdity of the comic strip. You might’ve seen the clip Peter’s Computer making the rounds a few months ago, but I think they are all worth a look at varying degrees.

The latest is this amazing secret method behind beating the first level of Super Mario Brothers. My only issue is how Mario totally leaves Princess Peach hanging to go explore some other lady’s sugar walls.

There’s always something just a bit off about these, but I enjoy it immensely. It even features some appearances from Simply Silvio. I never thought I’d enjoy a hyper-intelligent hipster ape in the city, but I was wrong. It’s the next logical step after the end of BJ & The Bear.

(Via Big Play Films)