Sonic The Hedgehog Would Like To Teach You A Lesson About Cheating

04.09.19 2 weeks ago



Cheat codes and glitches are a part of video games that isn’t going away. Take a quick look at gaming streaming and YouTube videos and speed runs are all the rage, with gamers obsessing over levels of retro games to find ways to get through the levels as quickly as possible.

Often those speed runs are aided by glitches that weren’t supposed to be there — a gamer somehow toggling a glitch that hurdles a character through a level or gives them some advantage they use to fly through what is supposed to be a series of challenges. From Game Gear to glitches in current-gen games, there will always be players looking to take advantage of the mistakes of those that make games.

But some games are just meant to be hard, at least that’s how the thinking goes. And cheating your way to a victory doesn’t always feel the best. That’s something the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account wants to remind you of, as it showed in a video it posted on Tuesday of Sonic glitching his way through Act 2 of Marble Zone.

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