Sony Will Finally Allow Cross-Platform Play For ‘Fortnite’ On PS4

09.26.18 11 months ago


The Fortnite universe just got a whole lot bigger for Playstation 4 users, and a little bigger for anyone else. Sony announced on Wednesday that it will finally allow cross-platform play for PS4 Fortnite players, a huge reversal of the company’s stance on letting anyone inside the walled garden of what’s become one of the biggest video games on the planet.

Sony has been against cross-platform gaming for a long time, essentially limiting users who buy PlayStation games from playing online with others gamers on Xbox One, PC or the Nintendo Switch. The Playstation Experience, the theory goes, could help Sony keep quality control in place and also, well, make sure you have to buy a PlayStation to play with your other playstation friends.

Battle royale games have brought up a lot of different legal issues, but the ability to play Fortnite on a variety of different consoles opens up a wide world of possibilities for the game itself. In the case of cross-platform play for this title in particular, it seems to be more about Sony’s policies more than whether it was actually possible technologically. Earlier in the year, Fortnite maker Epic apparently mistakenly allowed cross-platform play across its games. That was soon shut down, as it violated Sony’s gaming standards.

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