Sony Dropped A New Trailer For The Much Anticipated ‘The Last Guardian’ Which Arrives In 2016

E3 2015 rolls on and holy crap guys, Sony actually did it. After leaving the gaming world hanging for six years, they finally showed a second trailer for The Last Guardian and nailed down a very rough release date (sometime in 2016). The Last Guardian is, of course, the latest game by the team behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. In it, you play as a young boy who trains and nurtures a massive but immature griffin named Trico.

The Last Guardian has been mired in development hell for years, but it seems as if it’s back on track, and as if to reinforce that point, the latest trailer is all in-game footage. Technically the game doesn’t look as cutting edge as some things you’ll see this week (hey, it’s been in development for nearly a decade), but the art style is still top notch and I still desperately want to pet that griffin.

So yeah, damn. Sony’s pulling no punches this year. Now, let’s hope that 2016 release date actually happens.