Sony Is Bringing The Version Of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ You Didn’t Want To The Playstation 4

Sony and Square Enix are just being cruel now. I like Final Fantasy VII as much as the next guy. It’s a classic. Maybe not the best game of the Final Fantasy series, but it’s certainly a fine entry and deserving of praise.

That said, this is not the version of the game that people want on their next gen consoles. At Playstation Experience, the trailer for the PS4 version of the roleplaying classic was unveiled. What we got wasn’t an expansion of that tech demo for the Playstation 3, but a port of the up-rezzed PC version instead. From Nova Crystallis:

Little is known about the release so far, although it will be based on the PC version and enjoy upscaled visuals. Presumably, fans will also be able to collect trophies and make use of other PS4-centric features as well. We expect to hear more from Square Enix as we near its Spring 2015 launch date.

The folks over at Kotaku provided the perfect GIF to show just how this announcement played in the minds of gamers everywhere. I guess this is fine to do, but we’re used to getting an upgrade with our re-released games these days. Trophies and smoother pixels usually isn’t enough, especially when you have Rockstar actually improving Grand Theft Auto 5 for its next gen re-release.

Let’s just fondly look at what could’ve been and hope that this is really just a big prank. I doubt it and should be grateful we’re getting anything, but I just can’t hide my disappointment.

(Via Kotaku / Nova Crystallis / Square Enix / Sony)