‘South Park’ Returns In The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

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Every week, it feels like there are more games and more platforms to play them on than you could ever touch. So, every Tuesday, we narrow it down to the five games worth your time and money. And this week, there’s a beloved franchise on tap for both gamers and TV fans alike.

Pick Of The Week: South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Today ($60, PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

Yes, kids, South Park is back with something to stuff your whole, in this case, a game-length satire of superhero stories and franchises. The name of the game is still hardcore, turn-based role-playing, but that’s really only half the show. The rest of it is the gag-packed, reference-heavy setting, which calls back to older episodes while also adding a whole bunch of texture and depth as, surprise surprise, Cartman turns out to be a jerk and the other kids need to go clean up his mess. The original was a shockingly good game as well as a parody in its own right, and we hope there’s more in the tank.

Gran Turismo Sport, Today ($60, PS4)

Jealous of Forza, PlayStation fans? Don’t worry, Gran Turismo is back, this time with even more cars, even more tracks, and even more fiddly bits to fiddle with. It’s not quite as over the top as the Project CARS franchise in that respect, but still, hardcore sim fans will be very, very happy with what’s on display.

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