Discover A Different Side Of ‘Star Fox’ With This Anime From The Makers Of ‘Ghost In The Shell’

Nintendo really seems to be serious about giving Fox McCloud and friends another shot at glory. They’re releasing two new games in the series this week, Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard, and they just dropped a cool new Star Fox anime short produced by top Japanese animation studios Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell) and WIT Studios (Attack on Titan). The short, which runs about 15 minutes, features a unique art style that blends CGI and traditional animation techniques, and generally looks like it was quite the expensive production. I have to say, it would be cool if Star Fox Zero looked this slick. Oh well, maybe some day.

Story-wise, it’s basically just an anime retelling of Star Fox Zero‘s first mission, but there’s some interesting tidbits spread throughout. Like the fact that Falco is addicted to playing the original SNES Star Fox. Or that Slippy has to hold up every mission with a bathroom break. And the fact that Peppy carries a good luck charm made of General Pepper’s fur. Wait, what? Now that just ain’t right.

Star Fox Zero, which is a top-notch return to form, touches down on the Wii U Friday, April 22.