‘Star Trek Bridge Crew’ Tops The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

Senior Contributor

Ubisoft/Sony/Namco Bandai

Every week, it feels like there’s more games for more platforms than ever. So, every week, we tune out the noise and choose five games you need to play this week. And this week’s top pick fulfills the dream of nerds everywhere.

Pick Of The Week: Star Trek Bridge Crew, Tuesday ($50, PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift)

Yes, VR finally proves its worth to millions by letting you and three friend plunk into the comfy chairs of a Starfleet vessel, specifically the USS Aegis, and fight space/time anomalies as well as the fact that you’re not as good at verbal communication as you might think. It’s less a space combat game, which is good since those are dime a dozen on VR platforms, and more of a real-time resource management game as you desperately poke at panels to restore functions, attack Klingons, and generally experience everything the show promised you. You may also ruin some friendships; we’ve tried it a few times and it doesn’t hold your hand. If you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ve finally gotten the Trek game you’ve always wanted.

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