‘Star Wars’ Is Suddenly Inspiring A Lot Of Baby Names

Most people don’t get creative with baby names, unless they’re celebrities or awful. Where, precisely, Star Wars fans might lie is now an open question, because we’re seeing little Kylos appear at an alarming rate.

Granted, any news about baby names has to be read with a salt shaker near to hand, but according to one baby name blog, Star Wars names are on the rise, some of them substantially. Names like Kylo, Lando, and Rey are on the rise. Rey is the biggest winner, going from the depths of the 14,000 rankings to #2,784. Lando is something of a surprise, going from #11,231 on BabyCenter to #2,126 despite not appearing in The Force Awakens. Kylo, which was inexplicably at #3,774 on their rankings in 2015, is now #1,165. Leia has jumped into the top 250 baby names, and, for some baffling reason, Rogue is becoming more popular.

And, okay, some of these aren’t so terrible. You name a little girl Rey, at least it’s a credible family name, and one Uproxx writer reports of a friend who used Kylo because he needed a name that would be pronounceable in three different languages, but that’s really a special case. Parents tend to forget that they’re not the one who will have to live with when they get cute with naming their offspring. For example, if you decide to name your kid Rogue, at best, he or she is doomed to a lifetime of Anna Paquin jokes, and at worst, lame double-entendres about their preferred method of intercourse. For the love of the Force, Star Wars fans, do not do this to your children. We’re already knee-deep in Lucases, we don’t need a bunch of Zuvios and Phasmas to go along with it.

(via BabyCenter)