All The Cool Stuff Being Promised In The ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Trailer You May Have Missed

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After a trailer leak, Star Wars Celebration 2017 and EA decided to one up themselves and delivered the goods with another brand-new Star Wars Battlefront II trailer. From what we see here, it looks like gamers will be the first to see some locales from The Last Jedi when the game drops November 17th, and we’ll finally witness the fall of the Empire, as well as those awkward years for the bad guys when they were off looking for Snoke (catch up on the canon).

The trailer focuses on Iden Versio, who is the “commander of Inferno Squad—an Imperial special forces unit equally lethal on the ground and in space. Encounter many of Star Wars’ greatest characters in a story of revenge, betrayal, and redemption that spans 30 years,” according to the EA official site. She’s on Endor as the second Death Star explodes in The Return of the Jedi, killing the Emperor and leaving the Empire rudderless.

Now, some questions

Notice how Endor at the beginning of the trailer looks ripped straight from the original Battlefront? Since we’re going to be fighting across eras and there’s overlap in locations and story, will we be lucky enough to have some of the environments from Rogue One or the original trilogy featured in the first game? Let’s hope they don’t go to waste.

Whether this single player mode that spans the galaxy only allows you to play as the (suddenly humanized) Imperial commander isn’t made entirely clear. She looks like she’s relatively young, so there’s no way we see her in the prequel trilogy settings. It seems like we’ll going on an adventure a little before Episode IV (when Darth Maul was still alive), through Episodes V, VI, VII and maybe VIII and IX. The prequel trilogy will just be for multiplayer, right?

The multiplayer hype is what’s expected with an emphasis on the original Battlefront games. There is a clear hierarchy between the hero characters and the multiple classes below them. True customization coming back is a welcome addition and I will be the annoying guy constantly saying “roger roger” as a droid, come at me.

  • But, will we essentially just have a Battlefield-esque squad loadout and call it a day?
  • Will we be able to spawn on more than one person?
  • Will Heroes be picked like the old games, or will they work like Battlefront?
  • Will there be a Jango Fett along with Boba?

Who is this mysterious person in red giving Versio orders?

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