The ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ Campaign Spans 30 Years And Will Showcase An Important ‘Episode I’ Location

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For most Star Wars fans, all eyes are on The Last Jedi and to a slightly lesser extent, the Rebels TV show and the plethora of books that are expanding the extensive canon of the Star Wars universe as it enters its 40th year. This is a great time for the historians of a galaxy far, far away. Now they know Han stole Greedo’s girlfriend, why Darth Vader was so insistent on “no disintegrations” from Boba Fett, and the main plot is being pushed forward for the 8th time in the last four decades. What some may be looking over is the impact Battlefront 2‘s campaign will have on the overall story of Luke, Han, and the Empire.

As we get closer to Battlefront 2’s November 17 launch, we’re learning more about the campaign’s story which will span from Return of the Jedi, well into The Force Awakens, all from the perspective of an elite Empire soldier.

Since Disney wiped the expanded universe’s lore, massive gaps in timelines have needed to be filled, and now we’re in the shoes of Commander Iden Versio, who is stomping Rebels and Ewoks as the second Death Star blows up. From there, we’ll presumably see how Kylo Ren’s First Order buddies came about and how the Empire as we know it fell, but the recent campaign trailer shows another interesting location: Episode I‘s Naboo. Home of Queen Amidala, Palpatine, and most importantly, Jar Jar Binks.

It’s clear that Dice is using some of the multiplayer levels and assets in the single-player game, that’s expected, but the inclusion of The Phantom Menace location has to have a purpose beyond just shoehorning in a beautiful, bird-filled level for the hell of it.



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