‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Reveals Its ‘Death Star’ DLC Trailer And ‘Rogue One’ DLC Pack

As Star Wars: Battlefront‘s DLC packs slowly check off every box a superfan wants/needs for maximum Star Wars gaming enjoyment, the secretive fourth DLC pack has had gamers wondering aloud what was coming down the pipeline after the Death Star DLC drops this September. There are only a few possible heroes left that make sense to add, with Chewbacca being a huge omission, but beyond him where else can we possibly go? Thankfully, EA’s reveal at the Star Wars Celebration has cleared the air — Chewbacca and Bossk are the new heroes in the Death Star DLC, and we now officially know who/what/where the 4th DLC will focus on.

Many thought the final Battlefront DLC would add Rogue One content considering Battlefront’s strict temporal placement during the original trilogy, and it looked like they guessed correctly. Releasing sometime around the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Battlefront‘s Rogue One: Scarif DLC will bring rebel hero Jyn Erso to the game opposite Imperial Director Krennic to do battle on the planet Scarif.

Not only will this final DLC pack add some much needed aesthetic changes to the game (we’ll be able to enjoy Scarif’s oceans instead of white walls, snow and sand), it will help out the whole, “we have no one beyond Darth Vader, the Emperor and a bunch of bounty hunters as bad guys” problem. And if this trailer is any indication, we’re finally going to have the epic space battles we’ve been yearning for since Battlefront‘s release in the Death Star content. According to EA, we’ll be fighting on the Death Star and all around it as the Rebels and Empire battle for the fate of the galaxy. The Bespin content was fun, but it looks like Dice and EA are saving the best for last.

(via Engadget)