Watch The Leaked Trailer For ‘Battlefront 2’ Bring Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Characters From Past And Present To The Fight

Star Wars: Battlefront probably didn’t live up the hype and prestige of the games that came before it from Lucasarts, but it laid some groundwork for EA and DICE to have a lot of fun within the Star Wars universe. With Battlefront II, it looks like they’re finally ready to provide a game that brings a solid single player experience combined with a beefed up multiplayer that brings characters from the entire franchise to the game.

The leaked trailer seems to indicate that we’ll be seeing some more of the game at Star Wars Celebration this weekend, along with some long-awaited clear looks at The Last Jedi thrown in the mix.

The game seems to borrow some aspects from Battlefield 1‘s story mode, allowing the player to step into the shoes of an Imperial soldier at the end of Return of the Jedi. With the second Death Star exploding in the background, we’re thrust into the Star Wars world we haven’t seen yet — at least not in the new canon. We got a taste with the Jakku DLC in the first game but now we’ll get a full tour within the fall of the Empire and the rise of the First Order.

Also nice to see Darth Maul getting some good mileage. I’d hate to see him actually fight Yoda in one of the movies but could put up with it in a video game. Just as long as Yoda isn’t some cheap instant win for someone to spam during a match. And Kylo Ren should come with a special “whine” move, just because.

(Via Polygon / EA)