‘Star Wars’ Is Getting A Video Game From The ‘Call Of Duty’ Team

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11.10.17 2 Comments


Titanfall 2 was one of 2016’s best video games. That wasn’t really a surprise, considering it came from the creators of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and their studio Respawn. And it appears good work gets you cooler work, because Respawn, as part of a $400 million buyout, is taking on the Star Wars franchise.

It’s not clear just what the game will be, although it’s worth noting it won’t be the only game Respawn is working on. A third Titanfall game is in the works, much like DICE simultaneously works on Star Wars: Battlefront and the Battlefield series. It seems unlikely, however, that it’ll just be another version of the Star Wars first-person shooter, unless Respawn is taking over Battlefront. It’s more likely they’ll do something different, or at least approach a different setting.

Respawn’s Titanfall 2 sets a high standard for whatever they do next. It was snappy, witty, and surprisingly emotional, having you fight and climb your way through a factory building a prefab suburb and jumping between time streams to clear a level as you form a deep bond with a giant killer robot. They’re a pretty good match with Star Wars, in that sense, but time will tell on what they’re asked to deliver.

(via Fortune)

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