The Pummeled Faces From ‘Street Fighter II’ Are Being Sold As Amazing Collectible Statues

During the 16-bit era, blood or any sort of realistic depiction of violence was still fairly rare in video games, so anybody who played Street Fighter II still vividly remembers the little portraits you got when you lost a match. Blood, black eyes, goose eggs, bulging eyes – those pictures were surprisingly graphic and really added insult to injury. Poor Zangief got the crap kicked out of him, and it’s all your fault! Step it up, kid!

Well, Japanese toy maker Mile Stone are immortalizing Street Fighter II‘s iconic battered faces with a series of frankly amazing statuettes. These collectibles capture every bruise, scrape and detail from the classic game, including the “Continue?” message below every portrait. Scroll down to check out these works of art.

If you want your own Street Fighter II defeated face statues (and why wouldn’t you?), you can grab them from Japanese import stores like this one. The statues, which are relatively small, come in randomly assorted boxes of 12, so you might have to buy a couple of packs, or do some trading, to get your hands on all of them. As long as I get the crazy bug-eyed Blanka statue, I’ll be a happy man.

(Via Kotaku)