We Finally Know The Identity Of The Iconic Fighters From The ‘Street Fighter II’ Opening Screen

It’s a question that has vexed gamers for decades— who are those two dudes fighting on the opening screen of Street Fighter II? You know the ones I’m talking about. The guys up above. They aren’t part of the game’s roster, and Capcom has never bothered to identify them, which is weird because Street Fighter lore is ridiculously detailed. Usually no minutia is left unexplored.

Well, after 25 years, Capcom’s Japanese website has released full bios for the two mystery fighters. The guy on the left is named Max, and here’s his profile courtesy of fan translators.

Height: 6’1 (187cm)
Weight: 205lbs (93kg)
Blood type: A
Birthday: 1st of April
Country of origin: USA
Likes: Himself, gambling, sparkly things
Dislikes: Simple things

A heavyweight boxer known for his speed and technique. He was a pretty big deal, who even participated in mixed martial arts tournaments, but because of his bad behavior and tendency to cause problems he was banned. He loves gambling, so he’s put most of his winnings into betting.

He likes sparkly things! Always good to know! Meanwhile, the guy on the right is named Scott. Here’s his bio.

Height: 6’3 (191cm)
Weight: 209lbs (95kg)
Blood type: B
Birthday: 10th of September
Country of origin: USA
Likes: Street fighting
Dislikes: Caterpillars

He’s a former boxer who now works as a bouncer at a bar. With his fierce straight and his ability to dodge opponent’s attacks within a hair’s breadth through high-speed ducking, he’s beaten up enough of the city’s hoodlums to become a somewhat famous street fighter. Apparently, he goes to the lake and fishes for black bass during the weekends.

So, we now know the random blonde dude from the Street Fighter II intro doesn’t like caterpillars. You’re welcome. Could there be a reason Capcom has come up with full bios for these guys? Given the series’ love of nostalgia I would not be at all surprised if Max and Scott show up as playable characters some day. Maybe even in Street Fighter V! Until then, I guess they’ll just have to keep busying themselves gambling and fishing.

(via Eurogamer & EventHubs)