This Dorky Dad Reenacting Every ‘Street Fighter II’ Victory Pose Will Charm And Mortify You

A few months back, comedian and YouTuber Nick Luciano posted a video of his dad shamelessly reenacting all the taunts from the latest Super Smash Bros. game. His dad was surprisingly great at it, and the video was equal parts charming and horrifying in an endearing, “Daaaad, you’re embarassing me!” sort of way.

Well, get ready to chuckle and cringe, because Smash Dad is back, and now he’s aping the all the victory poses from Street Fighter II Turbo. Yes, even the one where Dhalsim magically floats in mid-air. My favorites are Blanka, because anything Blanka-related is my favorite, and the Guile pose where Smash Dad gets way too into combing his hair. Old dudes just really like combs, okay?

While we’re at it, Nick and his dad also put up another Smash Bros. taunts video a few months back, featuring some characters they didn’t hit in the first video. How can you say no to a video of a goofy middle-aged guy pretending to be Squirtle and hiding in a box Metal Gear Solid style? You can’t.

I know I said it before, but it bears repeating – this series needs to culminate in Smash Dad miming Mortal Kombat Fatalities.

via Kotaku

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