Check Out The Totally Bonkers Story Mode Capcom Hopes Will Save ‘Street Fighter V’

Street Fighter V isn’t exactly doing so hot. Despite a heavy amount of pre-release hype, Capcom has only shipped 1.4 million copies of the game to stores, short of the 2 million copies they projected they’d sell in the first year. That doesn’t sound that bad, but there are reports around half of those 1.4 million copies are still sitting on shelves unsold. In other words, Capcom might not be sending out another shipment any time soon.

A lot of this can be blamed on the fact that Street Fighter V was essentially released unfinished. The game’s fundamentals are as sound as ever, but it lacked single-player options or a stable online mode at launch. Slowly, Capcom has been trying to make up for this, and soon they promise to launch a full cinematic story mode, a first for the series.

YouTuber Albear Sixsmith got ahold of this new story mode, and posted the first 10 minutes-worth of cutscenes online, and, well, they’re certainly something. The Street Fighter V story mode is intensely anime-flavored, and just generally weird as hell. The story mode starts with Charlie facing off with a menacing goat in a dream, which then melts into a puddle of goop and reconstitutes into crazy-looking dreadlocked fighter Necalli. Things continue in that vein from there with Ryu having a crazy acid trip, Alex and Zangief having a pro wrestling match announced by Jimmy Hart and M. Bison now having a Death Star. Trust me, you want to check this insanity out.

Will this new story mode revive Street Fighter V‘s fortunes? Probably not, at least not outside Japan, but it should give those of us tired of getting our asses kicked online a spectacle to marvel at. The Street Fighter V story mode is expected to arrive later this month.