The ‘Succession’ Theme Song Composed In ‘Mario Paint’ Is Even More Mesmerizing Than The Original

Succession is the HBO show that everyone in journalism tells you to watch because it’s kind of about journalism but is mostly a dark comedy about an extremely dysfunctional wealthy family. Perhaps most importantly, it’s got a banger of a theme song.

No, not the incredible rap that Kendall spewed forth from Sunday’s episode. You know the theme song. The piano keys are almost certainly playing in your head right now if you’ve heard it. And if not, you have no option after this.

It’s extremely catchy, and over a season-plus, the music itself has become something of a meme, with it playing over various things that look and feel like Succession-like content. But now the song itself has been recreated in Mario Paint, and it’s incredible.

If you’ve never heard of Mario Paint, it was a game released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo where you could create pixel art, among other things. One of those things is a music generator, which takes a good bit of work to make actual songs with but was certainly done here. The above video was made by Adam Catino, who shared it on Twitter where it quickly went viral.

As Catino wrote in the description for the video he posted on YouTube, he’s not looking for critiques.

“I made it fully by ear,” he said. “So if it doesn’t sound right to you, f*ck off.”

It sounds perfect to me, honestly, and I’m down for pretty much any show theme done in Mario Paint from here on out. Let’s see ’em.

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