The Only Limit To The Fun In ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Is Your Own Pathetic Imagination

08.05.19 2 weeks ago

Nintendo Switch

The first level I saw made by someone in Super Mario Maker 2 reenacted the John F. Kennedy assassination. It didn’t last long on Nintendo’s servers, but a slightly viral tweet should keep its memory alive online forever for some.

Say what you will about making a Mario level in extremely poor taste, but it’s just a small sample of the endless creativity that comes with a game like Super Mario Maker 2. If you can build it and beat it, you can share your warped vision with the world and let others try to beat its world record. A game as replayable as this can make you more forgiving about the wonky Maker ID codes and all the menus you have to navigate to find things, then try to find them again if you liked them enough.

The second version of Nintendo’s Mario course maker is just as good as the first, but publishing it in 2019 and offering players essentially limitless options in the sandbox means things are going to get weird. And in this case, it’s entirely a good thing. The game’s story mode has your Mario building a castle that UndoDog blew up, completing levels and gaining coins to slowly rebuild it once more. But the real fun is in the online play that is absolutely necessary to truly enjoy one of the most replayable games on the Switch outside of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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