Check Out All The Crazy, Creative Options Available In Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Maker’

In broad terms, we’ve known what Super Mario Maker is all about since the moment it was announced. It’s an editor that lets you make Super Mario levels. Pretty simple concept. That said, Nintendo hasn’t been terribly forthcoming about how the whole thing will actually work.

Well, Super Mario Maker comes out in less than a month, so Nintendo is finally opening up and giving gamers a full look a the game’s features. Interestingly, it looks like Super Mario Maker will be charmingly game-like even when you’re painstakingly editing levels. You can basically combine all the game’s objects and enemies with unpredictable results, and doing things like shaking certain objects around on-screen may unlock secrets. We also learn about custom sound effects, and get some encouraging information about the game’s online support (it looks like things will be pretty well-organized by Nintendo standards). Oh, and of course there’s amiibo support, but it looks pretty fun (tap any amiibo to play as an 8-bit version of that character).

When Super Mario Maker was first unveiled, I thought it looked neat, but not terribly exciting, but, the more I see, the more it becomes obvious this is going to be a must-have for Nintendo fans. Super Mario Maker arrives for your tinkering pleasure September 11.

via Kotaku