‘Super Mario Parkour 2’ Puts Mario Maker Into The Mix

Three years ago, Dark Pixel mashed up Mario and parkour to create something we remain surprised Nintendo didn’t try to copy in an actual Mario game. It was a cute idea, but it seemed like a one-off, at least until Mario Maker came out.

The parkour is impressive, of course, but the real star of the show is the CGI. The intervening three years have seen Dark Pixel substantially upgrade their CGI game, to the point where Mario and Luigi are flipping over pits and convincingly throwing fireballs instead of having to ask stuntmen to risk their necks to get the shot. Probably the best gag, though, is a nod to the original clip having a problem with hats; if you watch it through, you’ll see what we mean.

This makes us wonder if maybe the Mario Maker sequel, which seems inevitable, could have a “real world” mode. After all, Nintendo’s sending Pokémon trainers out into the real world to find their monsters in the mobile game, so why not let players use interesting structures for their level design? As far as incorporating the parkour, though, that’s not Nintendo’s style. But we could see other franchises taking up the cause.

(Via YouTube)

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